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Representing you in real estate, business and civil legal transactions.

When you’re in need of a lawyer to work with you in real estate matters, business transactions or civil disputes, don’t you want someone with unparalleled experience and unmatched client dedication? J. Eric LeVine of Laguna Hills has been representing the people of Southern California in legal transactions and disputes in both personal and business situations. His expert knowledge of real estate, business and civil law paired with his commitment to his clients and aggressive legal techniques has proven successful for the individuals and businesses he represents. He will work with you when want it and fight for you when you need it. Call J. Eric LeVine Esq. today to schedule your consultation. You deserve it.

Buying a home? Leasing your property?

Expertly handling all of your real estate legal matters in Laguna Hills.

Laguna Hills, CA is home to some of the most beautiful real estate in the nation. Is it time to sell your home? Are you looking to purchase a home in the Laguna Hills area? Whether you’re buying or selling, an individual party or real estate company, having the right lawyer to handle your paper work and legal transactions is imperative to making sure nothing falls through the cracks. Buying or selling a home is a life changing transition, don’t leave the legal matters to chance.

J. Eric LeVine will work with you to draw up the necessary paper work and analyze existing contracts to make sure you are getting the most out of your transactions. We have the knowledge and experience to educate you on the proper plan of action with dealing with your contracts, loans and closing.

Are you a landlord or leasing your property? J. Eric LeVine can create a professional lease agreement to protect your home, apartment or condo. Don’t wait. Call us today!

Business contracts can make or break a business.

Let us draw up contacts that protect your company.

If you’re starting a new business or managing a successful company, legalities and business contracts are a part of every business decision. With all business transactions come legal formalities, hoops and rules you have to abide by. Whether you need advice on how to compose a business contract or need a lawyer by your side to help with legal disputes, your business needs to be protected by an experienced attorney. Call J. Eric LeVine.

J. Eric LeVine can create business contracts and sales agreements for your business, your clients and your commercial partners that are legally binding and will protect your company. From matters as simple as small business situations to highly publicized legal disputes, J. Eric LeVine has over 35 years of experience and a willingness to properly represent you and your business. Schedule your consultation with J. Eric LeVine today, you won’t regret it.

Civil Legal Representation when you need it.

J. Eric LeVine Esq. will fight for your rights in legal disputes.

Most of us in our life time will be involved in a civil dispute whether it involves real estate matters, business contacts or individual disputes. No matter the nature or severity of your civil case, you need a lawyer that is ready to fight for you in the court room. That is where J. Eric LeVine comes in.

Not only can J. Eric LeVine offer premium legal representation in real estate and business transactions in Laguna Hills, but he can also go with you to the court room to fight for you in your legal dispute. He has over 35 years of litigation experience and will work with you to win your case.

During your consultation he will assess your situation, educate you on the proper plan of action and start working immediately to build a winning case for your civil dispute. You need experience, knowledge and dedication behind you in your legal case. You need J. Eric LeVine. Call us today to schedule your consultation.

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